Take My Advice

Do unto others as you would wish it to be,
Be the example for the young ones to see.

Say nothing when there is nothing nice to say.
If you are asked to help, never just turn away.

When you do feel sad, it is okay to cry.
Smile at a stranger as you pass them by.

If you need a friend, then you must first be one.
Never walk away when there is more to be done.

If you make a mess, clean up after yourself.
Any idiot has the ability to hit someone else,

Make your own bed after you have slept.
A promise made should be a promise kept.

If you do your best you should feel no shame.
If you do something wrong, take your own blame.

Take only what you need and nothing more.
Your opinion is always best when it is asked for.

Everyone has the right to be treated fair.
It is never correct to curse or to swear.

Always be thankful for the things you possess.
If you have one true friend then feel truly blessed.

-Keith E. Gerber 
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