Slice of Life (A Recipe)

First: To your current life, you must add;
One more cup happy than you have of sad.

Put in one spoonful of extract of gratitude.
(After removing bitter oil of bad attitude.)

Fold in two tablespoons of friendship rind,
and two heaping cups of warm peace of mind.

Pre-heat your love life to three hundred degrees,
as you blend in one serving of do-as-you-please.

Incorporate a liberal amount of love (to taste);
scraping the bowl so that none goes to waste.

Put your blenders setting on maximum high.
Then add ingredients to the apple of your eye.

Whip in approximately eleven cups and a half
of smelling the roses and one smile or laugh.

Scoop onto a large party dish or serving tray.
Serve with a glass of getting carried away.

Serving suggestion: Add to family or friends.
Repeat the recipe and the fun never ends.

-Keith Gerber
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