Majesty of the Written Word

The majesty of the written word 
exceeds that of those I've heard.
Fresh paper and ink seem pure, 
and the written words do endure.
The ideas put down for us to see, 
last longer than either you or me.
The words an author does impart, 
can find a home inside our hearts.
Scenery illustrated phonetically, 
emotions created alphabetically, 
with a finely worded script I find, 
creates a symphony in my mind.
Page after page I read and turn, 
I will wonder, absorb, and learn.
Between covers, front and back, 
fun and knowledge is kept intact.
Potentially found between pages: 
Kings and pawns, fools or sages, 
love, pain, hope, happiness, fear, 
new places to visit, far and near.
Authors can take us to anywhere, 
make us feel anything or not care.
Words joined as a writer decides, 
can take us on the wildest of rides.
I have been to many far-off lands,
taken by books held in my hands.
So many stories that I have read, 
live on forever, inside of my head.
-Keith Gerber
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