It Seems So Obvious

There is only one you, and only one me.
Either one most of the world will never see.

There are six billion people on this earth,
Give or take a recent death or a birth.

If you give it thought you must agree;
They are not here just for you or for me.

This means we are here for our fellow man,
to aid and assist in any way that we can.

I know that my hands can only do so much.
With yours, how many lives could we touch?

Then if those we helped would join in too,
the rest of the world could do as we do.

We are not here to see who comes in first,
for every best there must be a worst.

The planet would be a much better place,
if we took a pit-stop in this human race.

This concept does not take a genius to see;
It seems so obvious this is how it must be,

One at a time, we could all do our part,
lending a hand or a piece of our heart.

-Keith Gerber
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